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Featuring the proven I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn-to-swim method. 
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Swim Lesson Services 
Swim Lessons for New Swimmers 3 Years Old and Over​​

The I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn-to-swim method is original to Bullfrog Swim School. The method consists of 3 Goals for new swimmers with  7 Levels to accomplish our 3  Goals. 

3 Goals for New Swimmers:
- Survival Stroke w/  a Minimum of 3 Independent-Reliable Breaths 
-Backflaot with Kicks
-Learn how to SAVE YOURSELF if you fall into a pool.

On average, it takes students who are 3 years and older 10 (30 min) private lessons to accomplish our 3 Goals for new swimmers.  Lessons can be taken 1-5 times a week, depending on how accelerated of a course you wish to take. For best results we recommend private lessons but students can share with a friend for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Students must be similar age and level to share. Shared lessons are not recommend for resistant students. 

The last lesson, students jump in the pool fully clothed to demonstrate they can save themselves if they fell into a pool. 


Swim Lessons for New Swimmers  6 Months - 2 Years Old 

​​The I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn to swim method has modified expectations for students 2 and under. Swim Lessons for infants and 2 years olds still work on our 3 Goals using the 7 Levels of progression and the 3 Station Rotation routine. Parent and Me is optional. Lessons can be taken 1-5 times a week, depending  on how accelerated of a course you wish to take.  Lessons can be shared with a friend for NO EXTRA CHARGE but with such young students the lessons need to be Parent-And-Me if shared.

Adult New Swimmers 

It's never too late! Adults have a  different structure than children's lessons. We recommend 10 (30 min) lessons to learn our goals for adults.  Adults first learn how to swim the Survival Stroke across the long length of the pool. If you have remaining lessons, you may learn the 4 Basic Strokes. Lessons are private but you can share with a friend for no extra charge!


10 (30 Min) Private Lessons: $450 ​

20 (30 Min) Private Lessons: $850 ( Save $50) 

Lessons are private but you can share  with a friend for no extra charge!

​Parent-And-Me Swim Lessons
We teach YOU how to teach your child to how to swim. Parent-And-Me Swim Lessons are offered for students 6 months to 3 years old. Grabs some friends and start your own Parent-And-Me swim group, no extra charge just split the cost. 

You will learn:
-Proper Holding Positions
-Submersion Techniques
-3 Station Rotation Routine 
-7 Levels to Teach Your Child 

Stroke Development 

​​Once a student accomplishes our 3 Goals for New Swimmers, they have the option to enroll in another set of lessons to prepare them for swim team. Stroke Development is offered to students 3 years old to adult. 

Goals for Stroke Development 
- Freestyle w/ Side Breath 
- Backstroke
- Breast Stroke
- Butterfly
- Flip Turns 
- Treading Water


Our Promise 

We have a commitment to providing productive swim lessons in the shortest amount of time. Our average to teach our 3 Goals to new swimmer  is 10 (30 min) private swim lessons for students 3 years old and above.  We can not make guarantees because swimming is a sport and we are dealing with students of  very young ages and fear levels. Some students do purchase additional packages. A good connection with your swim teacher is a big part of having success. Not every instructor is going to connect to every student they are assigned. We are dealing with people and relationships.  If you feel like your new swimmer does not have a good connection with their swim  instructor by the 4th lesson, please call swim head quarters. If your child has not progressed at all by the end of the 4th lesson, please contact swim head quarters. Do not wait to contact swim headquarters at the end of the swim lesson series if you have concerns about progress.   Our goal is to make sure your student has success in the least amount of  swim lessons.  Please keep swim head quarters posted about your new swimmers progress. We take great  pride in the I CAN SAVE MYSELF learn-to-swim method and work hard so  our students to leave us knowing how!